Why Is “Me Time” Important? Things You Need to Know…

Life is hectic nowadays. It can seem like a challenge to complete the tasks necessary in life, such as work and family obligations, in such a short time. It leaves little time for a person to focus on him or herself. However, for the sake of one’s mental health, it’s essential. So what’s “me time,” and how can you get some? Perhaps it should include a trip to laser skin services in NY? Let’s discuss it!

Why It’s Critical to Consider “Me Time”

“Me time” isn’t just a recent catchphrase that caught on. It’s when a person isn’t worrying about anything, such as family, work, bills, etc. Instead, the individual is only focused on themselves. It’s when an individual is completely encompassed in doing something for them alone.

“Me time” is when a person can let their mind escape the troubles and stress of life and reset. Know how you’re told to unplug an electronic device and plug it back in to rest it? “Me time” is the human equivalent of this process.

It’s easy for a person to lose themselves in parenting, working, and all the other responsibilities in life. This can make it difficult for a person to remember that they are important, too. And that’s when “me time” comes into play. It’s time for the individual to remember that they are important and not just to everyone else in the world.

When individuals return to everything in life, they do it with a clear mind. This can allow the individual to better problem solve and have more patience.

What Are the Benefits of “Me Time”?

Firstly, when someone centers on doing something they enjoy without anyone, it’s a time to de-stress and not care. If an individual’s brain is always on the go thinking about what they need to do now and next, it can easily lead to stress. It can also contribute to major mood fluctuations. For instance, the person may become easily frustrated when completing simple daily tasks. This not only can be harmful to the individual but also may take a toll on those around the person.

A life without “me time” can worsen symptoms of anxiety and depression in those who suffer from these mental health issues.

If one has a high amount of stress and isn’t managing it properly, the individual may experience difficulty falling asleep and remaining in that state until morning. And a lack of sleep, especially repeatedly, can contribute to everything from irritability to difficulty concentrating to forgetfulness to daytime sleepiness, to name a few examples. By scheduling “me time,” and better managing stress, a person will rest and recharge better and prevent all the negatives of sleep deprivation from occurring.

Ultimately, when an individual schedule “me time,” they can de-stress, reset their mind, and feel refreshed. This can allow the person to be a better version of themselves. This can reflect on the person’s relationships with others and their work.

How Can You Schedule Your “Me Time”?

While it’s wonderful to understand the value of “me time,” it’s not enough for a person to just see how it could benefit them. It’s necessary to ensure they are getting “me time” and high enough quantity.

Every person is different in terms of how much “me time” is necessary. As a general rule of thumb, strive for at least 15 minutes to half an hour daily. If that isn’t possible all the time, it could help to schedule a day now and then. Or, break that 15 or 30 minutes up into short periods.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t have 15 minutes or 30 minutes. What is this writer thinking?” Planning carefully may be able to help this. For instance, wake up 30 minutes earlier each day or go to bed 15 minutes later. If a person cleans during their child’s naptime each day, they could use 15 minutes of that time to spend on me time.

Another way to incorporate “me time” is to schedule it. This is particularly beneficial for people who plan every minute of the day to the last second. The individual can then make it a point to spend a little time on themselves. They can mark the time on the calendar or input it into their phone’s planner. On the other hand, add it to a daily to-do list. The individual may even want to set the alarm as a reminder.

If possible, turn off or at least turn down the volume on the phone. That way, you don’t feel inclined to let anything or anyone interrupt this time.

What Things You Can Do in Your “Me Time”?

With all this talk of “me time,” a person may still wonder how they can spend that time. Fortunately, there’s no right or wrong way to have “me time,” as long as the person is doing something for him or herself that’s focused on letting the mind wander. Some examples include the following:

Go to the Gym

Try going to the gym for this special time. People who don’t have time to commute to the gym can spend time working out at home. Designate a space in a room or basement for working out. Maybe, purchase a piece of equipment that’d be enjoyable, such as an elliptical or treadmill.

Take Bubble Baths

Taking a long, hot bath gives a person time for their mind to go free. It’s a time to forget about work, bills, and other obligations. Just let the water relax you. Ultimately, a bath reduces stress hormones.

Not only can you use bath time as part of a de-stressing routine, but it could also help sore joints and muscles by easing inflammation and reducing tension.

Listen to or Watch a Show

Change the channel from “Paw Patrol” or the news and put on something enjoyable to watch. Optimize this time by listening to or watching the show while working out on a treadmill or other piece of equipment.

Go Gadget Free for a Day

Cell phones give people unlimited access to the world around them. It keeps them connected to the ones they care about and those at work. However, it, unfortunately, can give people too much of your time and be a source of stress. Tablets and computers aren’t much better when it’s so easy to get caught up in the drama on social media or stress out over what’s happening in the world. And the blue light from these devices may irritate a person’s eyes and even cause headaches with prolonged use.

Set the gadgets aside and enjoy spending time with your children outdoors, reading, or doing other non-gadget-related activities.

Read Your Favorite Books

Reading allows a person to learn about new topics and enhance their vocabulary. It improves concentration and may even ward off Alzheimer’s when done regularly. Plus, fiction reading enhances emotional intelligence, creativity, and empathy. Not to mention, any pleasure reading is an excellent stress reliever.

Upskill Yourself

Just because “me time” is meant to take one’s mind off their worries doesn’t mean it can’t be productive. It can be just the opposite. Take that time to find a hobby and continuously improve on it. A person may find they have more confidence. The individual may meet new people and expand their current circle. And anytime a person introduces new people into their life, there’s the potential to learn and grow from them.

Some hobbies provide people with real-life skills. The person can then use that skill to their advantage at work. Or let’s say the individual is taking a cooking class. They may use those skills to make delicious, home-cooked meals for the entire family. And even if someone already cooks, they could have a few new dishes under their belt.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can boost one’s confidence, both in and out of clothing. Undergoing laser hair removal allows the person to cut down prep time. The individual won’t have to worry about the inconveniences of shaving or waxing, such as razor rash, pain, or ingrown hair. They will have a smooth look at all times.

If someone plans to use this as “me time,” choose a provider for laser skin services in NY carefully. Look at the practitioners’ experience and background. Read reviews. Schedule a consultation, and be sure you click. Poor results could put a damper on doing something for yourself.

Skin Rejuvenation With PiQo4

PiQo4 can boost confidence, as one looks and feels younger afterward. This treatment may target problematic areas of the skin, so the individual feels less self-conscious. They can rely less on beauty products that clog pores after treatments with PiQo4.

And like with laser hair removal, it’s essential to do your homework before choosing a practitioner for any laser skin services in NY.

Start getting enough “me time” today, for a day of pampering or daily. You’ll see that this special time may boost your confidence and reduce stress, among other benefits.

If you’re ready to take “me time” to the next level with either laser hair removal or PiQo4 skin rejuvenation, contact Bared Monkey to discuss our laser skin services in NY today by calling 212-256-9777.


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