How to Sculpt Your Flanks (Love Handles)

When patients come in for consultations, one of the areas they’re most often concerned with is the love handles around their abdomen. Also referred to as flanks, these areas below the ribs and above the hips are a popular focus area for body sculpting work.

One reason they’re in constant discussion is their propensity to trap and hold fat, causing the belly and mid-section to protrude more than the customer desires. Getting rid of these flab grabs may take some work, but there are many ways to accomplish a more svelte look. Today we’ll be breaking down Coolsculpting treatment costs in NY.

What Are Flanks?

Commonly referred to as love handles, these areas in the mid-section are often where fat deposits will come to reside. The flanks are often a focal point for weight reduction, just above the hips, below the last rib, and positioned on the side and back. 

Tips to Lose Flank Fat

When weight loss occurs, it is usually distributed throughout the body with targeted exercises. Yet, reducing fat in a targeted area is not a realistic goal. Although weight or fat loss can be achieved, it will come from a whole-body transformation process.

Eat Healthy and Wisely

One of the best options for reducing unwanted fat and shaping up is to change your overall diet. We often eat what we want instead of what we need. Choosing foods that are rewarding for the body, as opposed to the mind’s desires, is important.

Less Processed Foods- Avoid foods in a box, can, or bag whenever possible. Excess preservatives, sodium, fats, sugars, and refined grains are often ingredients listed in processed foods. These meals should be consumed in moderation, if at all.

Lean Protein- Proteins are great for building muscle without adding fat content. Poultry, beef, fish, and pork offer dietary proteins, as do broccoli, legumes, and leafy greens like spinach.

Fruits and Vegetables- consuming fruits and vegetables is a dietary choice whenever possible. Eating the produce raw is even better, as none of the vitamins and minerals have been lost during the cooking process.

Good Fat- Not all fat is bad for the body. Eating foods with unsaturated fats, like cashews, olive oil, and avocados, is necessary to keep the body functioning properly.

Whole Grains- Including entire grains in a diet is also important for fiber content, which helps with weight control and digestion.

Drink Adequate Water

Proper hydration is critical for regular bodily functions. Water consumption helps to burn calories, dissolve fat, and distribute vitamins and minerals derived from foods.

Water is free of calories and is an excellent replacement for sugary soft drinks or other beverages. Water is also easier for the kidneys to filter than sodas, coffee, or tea.

Create and Follow a Cardio Routine

Cardiovascular exercise uses and strengthens the heart, lungs, various muscle groups, and blood vessels. Cardio or aerobic exercise is also beneficial to the brain and cognitive abilities.

Moving for 30 minutes daily can satisfy the body’s cardiovascular needs and doesn’t have to be high-impact or too strenuous an exercise. Some aerobic exercises to engage your cardio is:

  •  Running or jogging

  •  A brisk walk

  •  Tennis or pickleball

  •  Swimming

  •  Cycling

  •  Team sports like basketball or soccer


While we’ve listed some different activities and exercises, which can be outdoors, with a team, or with certain equipment, it’s also important to remember that exercise can occur anywhere and doesn’t require additional items or people. Remember that although exercise won’t necessarily reduce fat, it will improve muscle tone and strength.

Bicycle Crunch

A classic exercise move, sets of these crunches can deliver muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. The exercise movements resemble a person riding a bike, hence the name.

   •  Start by lying on your back, on a mat, or the floor.

   •  Position your hands to cradle the back of your head and slightly lift your upper body off the mat.

   •  Raise your lower back slightly and hold your legs vertically, bending 90 degrees at the knees.

   •  In this position, the person alternates, bringing opposing knees and elbows together over the torso—left knee to right elbow, then the opposite.

  •  The exercise focuses on the torso to offer core strength and movement. Avoid moving or straining the neck during the training.

Side Plank

In another isolation and movement exercise, the person will be balancing much of their body weight on their arms and will again be relying on core strength.

   •  Begin by lying on your side on the mat. Position an elbow on the mat to help yourself to raise.

   •  Keep your knees and legs together, with the feet as the pivot point on the mat.

   •  Push your body up vertically while keeping your body prone in a side plank position.

   •  Slowly lower back to the mat.

   • Focus on each movement, pausing at the top and bottom of each rep.

Bird Dog

Like a reverse bicycle crunch, this move targets the back, buttocks, abs, and hips.

     Begin with hands and knees on the mat.

     Slowly extend the right leg and left arm horizontally from the body.

     Hold the position, return to all fours, and switch arms and legs.

Standing Trunk Rotation

This is one of the lowest-impact exercises.

    Start in a standing position, feet shoulders width apart, arms outstretched. It is ideal if there’s a weight to hold while performing this exercise, and even a canned good or bag of flour can be used.

    While maintaining a stable footed position, twist the upper body at the waist to the left and right, holding arms outstretched and preferably holding a weighted item.

How Will Coolsculpting® Help You?

With all the exercises listed, it’s possible to find some movements to add to a daily routine. Improved mobility, strength, and flexibility are all benefits, along with greater stamina and weight loss.

Completing all the exercises mentioned will prove beneficial but might not help to achieve the body sculpting you desire. Even the fittest and athletically engaged individuals may still feel they have some problem areas to work on.

Here’s where medical and cosmetic science step in to help complete the job. With Coolsculpting®, patients can target actual body areas for fat reduction.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Coolsculpting® works by freezing fat cells just below the skin. Love handles are excellent candidates for this procedure as it targets smaller pockets of fat visible near the surface of the body.

Using Cryolipolysis technology, specialists can pinpoint stubborn areas for fat removal. Once the fat cells have been frozen, they shatter and are transported out of the body as waste material.

The treatment sessions can last under an hour and even be performed during a lunch break at work. This non-invasive procedure is effective and minimally intrusive in everyday life.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Coolsculpting® Love Handles?

Coolsculpting® is a procedure used to remove small areas of fat which can’t seem to be affected by other diet and exercise means. This means healthy, fit candidates are the best choices since they are likely only looking for a few finishing touches to their already toned physique.

Attempting to remove large areas of fat with this technique isn’t recommended. Patients may be asked to try diet and exercise before resorting to other methods. Once weight reduction and muscle tone are improved, the Coolsculpting® results should also improve.

How Much Does Coolsculpting® Cost in NY?

So, how much does Coolsculpting treatment cost in NY? Of course, the price will vary depending on the treatment center and procedures. At Bared Monkey, we take our work seriously, as we know our clients expect nothing less than the best.

For a body sculpting session, we offer state-of-the-art equipment, immaculate treatment spas, and attentive professionals, well-trained in numerous body beautification techniques, including Coolsculpting®. Costs for procedures are based on customer needs, so by booking an appointment with our staff, we can address specific concerns and formulate a plan.

Sleek and Smooth

Maintaining a proper physique is good for the mind and body. Look good and feel good with treatments and procedures from Bared Monkey in NY.

With locations in Penn Station and Grand Central, clients throughout New York can find us. Whether you are looking to book a Coolsculpting® procedure or any other physical refinement techniques, contact us to see how our amazing staff and services can transform you.

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