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The First & Only FDA-Approved Laser Acne Treatment.

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Control This Nearly Universal Skin Concern.

AviClear stands as the revolutionary FDA-cleared solution for combating mild to severe acne across all skin types, offering a safe, effective, and drug-free alternative that targets acne at its source by regulating sebum production. With its innovative 1726 nm wavelength and AviCool™ contact cooling, it promises comfortable sessions, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a long-term resolution to acne. Through just three 30-minute treatments, AviClear significantly reduces acne and prevents future breakouts.



The Future of Acne Treatment

Some of The Key Advantages of Aviclear™.

Long-term resolution

By directly suppressing sebaceous gland activity, AviClear™ offers a lasting acne solution, reducing oil production and future breakouts with just a few treatments, eliminating the reliance on continuous medication or topical applications.

Targets acne at the source

Leveraging its unique 1726 nm wavelength to focus on acne’s origin, this treatment selectively addresses the cells that contribute to acne development. This targeted strategy ensures a focused attack on acne triggers, providing an efficient and effective solution.

Prescription-free therapy

This FDA-cleared, laser-based approach offers a compelling alternative to traditional acne treatments, eliminating the reliance on prescription medications. It paves the way for a drug-free route to achieving clear skin, catering to those in search of a non-pharmaceutical solution.

Who Can Benefit from Aviclear™?

Join The Acne-Free Team

This solution welcomes a wide range of individuals, from adolescents to adults, who are navigating the challenges of mild, moderate, or severe acne. It’s an ideal option for those considering or currently undergoing systemic therapy, suitable for every Fitzpatrick Skin Type. Especially appealing for those in search of a safe, effective, and drug-free alternative to traditional treatments like topicals, chemical peels, oral antibiotics, or isotretinoin, it marks a new era in acne management.



The Future of Acne Management

Get Results Without The Years Of Medications.

In the realm of acne management, the traditional reliance on long-term antibiotic or isotretinoin treatments, while effective for some, presents risks and often only mitigates symptoms rather than providing a cure. However, emerging alternatives such as AviClear offer a paradigm shift in acne therapy. AviClear stands out for its drug-free, prescription-free approach, catering to all skin types while streamlining treatment with convenient, time-efficient applications, providing patients with a promising alternative and renewed hope for lasting relief from acne.



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