Bared Monkey offer the first and only FDA-cleared energy device for the treatment of mild to severe acne. AviClear’s 1726 nm wavelength treats acne at the source by selectively targeting and suppressing the sebaceous gland safely and effectively. Designed with patient comfort in mind, AviClear is enhanced with AviCoolTM contact cooling for an optimal and safe treatment experience.



Long-term resolution of Acne across all skin types

AviClear is the first and only FDA-cleared laser device for treatment of mild to sever acnes. It offers a safe, prescription-free solution for acne across all skin types. Significantly eliminates acnes in just three-30 minutes treatment sessions and provide long-term result.


Target Acne at the Source

A breakthrough technology with an innovative wavelength 1726nm, AviClear selectively targets the sebocytes and down-regulates the sebum production to reduce active acne. AviClear eliminates acne at the source without the need for prescription medications.


Minimum Downtime

Designed with unique cooling technology that allows for a more comfortable experience. It leaves surrounding healthy tissue intact and unaffected which leads to a more manageable recovery. Can resume normal skin care routine after treatment.


Acne vulgaris is a nearly universal skin concern, with approximately 50 million North American teens and young adults seeking treatment each year. Overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands is one of the leading causes of acne. In the recent years, dermatologists most effective treatment options for acne were “Accutane, which involves taking prescription medications and can come with serious side effects. Isotretinoin, which works to control sebum production as long as you use it, but comes back when you stop. 


AviClear, a breakthrough technology that revolutionize the way we treat acne. It resolves acne at the source by selectively targeting the sebocytes and suppressing sebum production, so there is less oil production and fewer blocked pores. AviClear offers patients a safe, well-tolerated, drug-free approach with durable results, which significantly shifts the treatment paradigm for acne.


Millions of Americans seek medical treatment
for acne every year, providing
a broad potential
patient population.

The ideal patients for AviClear™ treatments are:

• Adolescents and older

• Suffering from mild, moderate and severe acne

• Potential candidates for systemic therapy

• Any Fitzpatrick Skin Type

• Searching for a safe, effective and drug-free alternative to topicals, chemical peels, oral antibiotics and/or isotretinoin treatment


Moderate and severe acne patients often require years of antibiotics or isotretinoin with a risk of side effects, However, multiple factors cause acne, and the current regimens are not curing the acne, but decreasing or holding off the breakouts. In most cases, if the patient stops the regimen, the acne returns


But now we have another treatment option with AviClear. It is a drug-free, prescription-free therapy that is safe for all skin types. Additionally, it requires no lab work or daily routine. Three simple, 30-minute applications fulfill the protocol making compliance much easier and the entire process more convenient than most standard acne therapy. AviClear has redefined the treatment of acne and gives patients an alternative option they can feel hopeful about.


The current protocol involves three 30-minutes treatment, once a month, and works on all skin types and tones. It also works for mild to server acnes. The pimples are red after the treatment for a matter of hours, but there is no persistent redness, swelling or scabbing. The pain level is around 2-4 out of 10, which means it’s a well tolerable treatment, and there is no anesthetic or needles required. 


During the treatment, we simply degrease the skin, hydrate the skin and then sweep the area with the sapphire tip.


The clinical data shows patients’ acne improves dramatically by three month, and even better by six months after the last of the three treatments. 


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