What is Coolsculpting?

When you are looking for losing few inches on your waist, chances are you will find CoolSculpting which is an advanced patented&/contact-u8230;

So what is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an FDA cleared treatment for fat cell destruction in selected body areas. Which is proven to be very effective nonsurgical alternative that has little to no downtime. However CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure.
Why it is different?
There are only two major types of body contouring technologies for non-surgical fat cells destruction. One is using controlled cold temperature(CoolSculpting) and the other is using heat/vibration(Laser/Radio Frequency/Ultrasound).

Fat cells are Frozen at -11 degrees Celsius during CoolSculpting treatments. Since fat cells does not react well with cold temperature, they will be damaged, and removed by your body metabolism in 12 weeks after the treatment. Visible results gradually appear in 8 weeks.

Laser Sculpting(SculpSure), utilize 1060nm laser to focus on fat layers under the skin and damage the fat cell by heating the fat layers, from 42 degrees to 47 degree Celsius. Due to the nature of fat cells, they are more resistance in heat than cold. So multiple sessions is usually recommended for laser sculpting.

Ultrasound/RF treatments will require 5-10 treatments, some clients will only notice minor difference.
Will it be painful?

During CoolSculpting treatment, the skin is super cooled which will resulted in a numbing effect. So there will some mild discomfort but only in the first 2-4 mins. Many patient can enjoy reading their books, surfing online, or watching movie while doing the treatment.

What are the results.

Picture is worth a thousand words.
90% of our clients are happy with the CoolSculpting results, which is amazing comparing to the national average of 50-60% satisfaction for non-surgical body contorting treatments.

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