15 tips on touch up from Laser Hair Removal
Sep 20, 2020

15 tips on touch up from Laser Hair Removal

Although Laser Hair Removal is a permanent solution to hair reduction in an ideal environment. However many people need to go back for touch ups from time to time.

What you should know about laser hair removal touch ups?

  1. White and grey hairs cannot be removed by Laser Hair Removal, it can only be removed by Electrolysis.

  2. Change in hormone levels will cause more hair to grow back, and many medication will cause change in the hormone levels. Reports shows women taking birth control pills are more than likely to have hair regrowth than others.

  3. Damages to treated skin may cause hair regrowth as well.

  4. Pregnancy will cause hair to grow back, and getting touch ups while breast feeding is not recommended.

  5. Different laser equipment may interfere with each other’s results. It is a good idea to consult with your current service provider if you are not sure the equipment model from your previous provider.

  6. Some hair can grow back after your first touch-up, this can be caused by different type of laser technology are used. It does not happen often!

  7. Shaving may or may not be required before your treatments. As your technician may need to evaluate your hair quality.

  8. Do not expect the same result from you previous treatments for a single session. The amount of the hair is getting removed Depends on you hair growth cycle. You may get a very good, a little effect, or no result in your first session.

  9. Touch up does not meaning less energy exposure, you should not get any sun tanning 4 weeks before or after your sessions.

  10. If you are taking any light sensitive drugs, you should not get any laser treatment. It will cause adverse reactions including, permanent pigmentation, scarring, burn marks, or long term redness.

  11. If you are getting touch up on whole body, your technician should at least break your session into 2 depending on the hair growth cycle.

  12. Changing in skin tone should be communicated with your technician.

  13. You may not be a good candidate for laser treatment if you are on medications what induce skin photosensitive.

  14. Planning out your outdoor activities before you start your touch ups.

  15. Any recent change in general health conditions should be communicated to your technician.

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