Is Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Painful?

How do you shape up around the bikini line before hitting the beach or pool? If you live in the city, visit a top-quality laser hair removal spa in NY. Laser hair removal is the perfect option for a clean, smooth bikini line. Some may wonder what the procedure entails. Today, we’ll learn about the process, from start to finish, to know just what to expect.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Over the years, there have been numerous products that have promised to remove hair. Many products have been developed, from razors to hair electrocution, to give a smooth, stubble-free look and feel.

Laser hair removal was originally an accidental discovery, which became an experimental beauty procedure for approximately 20 years. During this time, refinements were made based on new information or results from individuals and clinic research. As technology grew and became more stable, the commercial aspects also improved.

In the mid-90s, laser hair removal became available for customers in places like beauty salons and spas. Although this form of hair removal had its initial skeptics, it has steadily grown in popularity and continues to be a popular choice for numerous clients. It is one of the industry’s more common hair removal procedures.

A laser beam of light, tuned to certain wavelengths, can heat and destroy the hair follicles in a certain area without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Although an actual laser is used, the procedure is considered safe and highly effective.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Since the process involves powerful wavelengths of light, it is necessary to work in smaller intervals of time or regions of skin for each session. Fortunately, laser hair removal is quite effective and doesn’t require marathon sessions to achieve the best results.

Laser hair removal is also more or less permanent after the allotted sessions are complete. The hair removal process takes multiple sessions since hair grows at different intervals and speeds. Once the hair follicles have been properly heated and destroyed, there is little chance of the hair returning.

Patients should be aware that some minor hair growth can occur after treatment, although these areas can also be treated with the same lasers whenever new hairs sprout or old ones persist. No hair removal process is 100% complete, as our bodies are often able to find new ways to produce hair.

Laser hair removal is also fairly low on pain index compared to similar hair removal procedures. Pain measurements vary from person to person, but most patients describe the process as feeling like a rubber band snapping on your skin.

Does Bikini Brazilian Hair Removal Hurt?

Each area of skin that receives laser treatment is subject to a different level of irritation or discomfort. If a site is already naturally sensitive, the treatment will likely cause greater discomfort in these areas.

Since a Brazilian treatment targets a region of skin potentially of greater sensitivity, there should be an expected level of discomfort caused by the treatments. Ask your technician what methods of pain reduction they offer before starting your treatments.

Overall, the patient should achieve an almost hairless appearance, eliminating the need for painful hair removal techniques. Maintenance touch-ups here and there should cause minimal irritation.

Treatment Speed

An average treatment is about an hour in length. Because you’re blasting the hair follicles with laser wavelengths, you don’t want to expose your skin to much more time than that. You should also rest your skin for between 5 and 8 weeks between treatments.

You may treat smaller skin sections than waxing or shaving, destroying follicles instead of cutting or yanking hairs. This is why laser hair removal may require more sessions and can extend over months to achieve a hairless look.

Precision Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is great for targeting certain areas of hair you wish to remove. You’ll be removing hair from sensitive areas for Brazilian laser hair removal. With a skilled technician, the hair removal will focus on the hair follicles and leave the skin virtually undamaged.

As small hairs crop up over time, which they will, laser removal can quickly and effectively target a problem area. Removal of individual hairs can often be achieved in single sessions, too.


Laser hair removal can target certain areas of hair and skin and be fine-tuned to match your skin and hair type. Certain wavelengths of the lasers are best suited for treating certain hair and skin types.

For instance, a customer with dark hair and fair skin may see bigger results faster than someone with similar skin and hair color. The greater the contrast between hair and skin tone, the laser can more effectively target the follicles. Laser hair removal will work effectively on all hair colors, types, and skin tones.

Depending on your hair type and skin tone, there are averages for the number of treatments you’ll need. These averages help customers to gauge how many sessions are required and the overall time for completion of their specific hair removal. After initial treatment, you’ll also have a good gauge of the remaining sessions needed.

How to Prepare for the Treatment?

You’ll be exposing your skin to shorter, high-energy wavelengths, so it’s important to avoid sun damage or any kind of skin irritant which could make the treatment area more tender. This includes chemical hair removal creams, waxing, tweezing, or other similar hair removal methods, as well as applying perfumes or skin lotions.

Shaving is the one method that is acceptable but should be done 24-36 hours ahead of time. Since we’re specifically discussing a Brazilian-style treatment, shaving may not be an option a customer is pursuing, anyway.

What to Expect During the Treatment?

Laser hair removal will cause redness, increased dermal temperature, and swelling in the treated area. Most laser hair removal will include cream or gel applied before the procedure to numb the treatment area and an ice pack to reduce swelling post-procedure.

Patients will need to stay in relative stasis for most of the procedure so that the technician can remain precise with the laser. There will be some discomfort, but most patients compare it to the waxing process for hair removal.

How Does Laser Technology Remove Hair?

When applied to the skin and hair follicle, the laser wavelengths convert to heat. Using the ideal wavelength for your hair type, the laser can cook or burn the follicle to a point where the follicle is destroyed, and hair will no longer grow. As mentioned earlier, hairs grow at different cycles and consistencies, so multiple treatments are expected for optimal results.

How Much Does the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Cost?

According to an article in Forbes magazine, which compiled laser hair removal pricing during 2020, the average cost for one session was $389. Although this may initially seem a bit expensive, keep in mind that the procedure eliminates all hair forever. This is also an average price and can fluctuate greatly depending on the patient’s area of treatment, hair type, and skin type.

After completing all the necessary treatments, many patients find the overall cost is still less than the combined money spent on razors, creams, and other hair removal techniques. If hairlessness is your goal, there’s not much need to spend money on different procedures.

Size of the Treated Area

Laser hair removal is a process and won’t be completed in one or two sessions—the larger the area, the more treatments, too. Multiple sessions will be required for a site such as the Brazilian, which is considered larger.

Treatments and Time Required to Perform the Procedure

Since a Brazilian hair removal treatment covers a larger area and treats potentially sensitive skin, treatments could be spread over months. An average Brazilian can take anywhere from 6 to 12 treatments at approximately an hour per treatment.

There is also a required resting period between treatments of 6-8 weeks. From start to finish, a complete Brazilian treatment will require quite a few sessions and months. Before your big reveal, be prepared to block out some time to complete the entire procedure.

Clinic Locations and Reservations

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