Ingrown hair is very common, but it can course some serious pain if it was not treated ASAP

This usually occurs when the tip of the hair grows sideways or towards the skin instead of outwards within the hair follicle. This condition is nothing to be alarmed about and they usually appear to be a little tan or pink bump in the skin. In some serious cases though, you will see multiple small pink or red bumps just around the hair follicles that is visible in the skin especially after frequent shavings – face, armpits, neck, legs and pubic area.

Having an ingrown hair is quite common than you think. Here are some known facts about ingrown hair:


– These ingrown hairs are not malignant – it is just a benign skin disorder and is common among adults and teens.


– The frequent occurrence of these ingrown hairs is usually found in people with dark skin as well as those who have curly or coarse hair.


– People with high levels of certain sex hormones are also susceptible because of excessive growth of hair in their body.


– These ingrown hairs are typically caused by shaving too closely.


– Most of the times, ingrown hairs will just resolve without any treatment.


– If you have these ingrown hairs, it would look like scattered reddish or tan bumps.


– With ingrown hairs, your skin will be susceptible with infection especially when a contaminant will go inside your pores or where your hair follicle is and infest.


– Sometimes in serious cases, you will need an ongoing maintenance therapy.


– You can find tropical creams to prevent or control ingrown hairs from occurring.


– The best option for treating ingrown hairs is the laser hair removal.


– It can be disfiguring to one’s skin.

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