Hair Removal for Men: Grooming and Hair Removal Tips
Mar 10, 2023

Hair Removal for Men: Grooming and Hair Removal Tips

Feeling good and looking good often go hand in hand. Being happy with our appearance can boost our confidence. Proper grooming and shaving, for example, can help a guy to feel more like a gentleman.

With improved hair removal and grooming techniques, guys can manage their hair in more ways than just shaving and seeing the barber. Grooming can be specific and subtle or for significant effect and attention. Whatever the reason, proper grooming techniques are always beneficial.

Essential Grooming Tips For Men

Proper grooming can go a long way to making sure appearances match attitudes. At Bared Monkey, the premiere laser medical spa in NY and beyond, our technicians are skilled in consulting and performing spa and beauty treatments for men and women. Today, we’ll share their secrets and thoughts about men’s hair grooming needs.

  •  A little maintenance goes a long way. Grooming doesn’t have to be an exhaustive matter. For guys, it’s often easier to do a little each day. Shave your face and trim your nose and ear hairs. Trim your nails and keep an eye on your skin’s condition. A little moisturizer now and then won’t hurt.
  • Find a regular barber/salon. Having a barber or hair salon, you trust and can regularly visit will also help to manage your looks. Many modern barbers or salons will help manage more than just a haircut.
  • Shave with a sharp razor. When shaving your face, neck, or wherever, a sharp razor is the trick to a close shave. When the blades are fresh, the hair seems to glide right off. A dull blade, on the other hand, can leave stubble, cause shave bumps, and leave the whole situation worse than when you started.
  • Try quality soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Some guys are plain, and that’s OK. Regular soap for the face, body, hair and that’s it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily work for everybody’s body. Many soaps will dry out skin and hair, leaving them stripped of oils and looking too dry. Hair can begin to resemble straw without proper moisture. With a good quality soap, you can achieve cleanness without sacrificing skincare. With shampoo and conditioner, your hair will appear cleaner and more manageable.
  • Employ new technology. With modern spa and beauty equipment using available technology, new procedures and better results have flourished. Hair removal, for instance, has moved from shaving, plucking, or waxing to using laser light to disrupt the ability of the body to grow hair in affected regions. Precision, procedural quality, and desired outcomes have all increased to benefit clients of all shapes and sizes. For many men, laser hair removal challenges the entire act of shaving, often permanently.

How to Take Care of Each Area of the Body For Men

When it comes to shaving, trimming, or grooming for men, there are some traditional areas and techniques which remain constant, while other areas and methods have recently seen greater emphasis and interest. No matter your personal level of grooming, it’s always good to know the most effective and safe ways to achieve your personal look. Who knows? You might even adapt some new styles before the day is through.

Shaving Your Face and Head

Most men aren’t able to avoid shaving their faces at some point in their lives. It’s kind of like a right of passage, honestly. Shaving your head, however, isn’t nearly as common but is surprisingly similar.

To start, as stated earlier, make sure you have a sharp razor. Dull or old razors will drag on the skin and pull as many hairs as they cut. Shaving your face and head can work better, and post-shower, too. The steam and heat of the shower can soften the hair and make the skin smoother for shaving.

Next, apply shave cream or lather to all areas you want to shave. Shave cream helps the razor blade to glide smoother and cut hair cleaner. For both the head and face, follow the contour lines, like the jawline, around the ears, or up the neck.

Use short, gentle strokes of the razor and rinse your blades after a few pulls. After you’ve cleaned off all the hair, apply some moisturizer to help your skin and reduce any signs of razor burn.

Shaving the Chest

Some men have excessive hair, while others may only have a small patch on their chests. Either way, doing it right will work, and feel better. You’ll need to start with a hair trimmer with a short-length trim guard, possibly a 2 or 1, and trim all the hair to the same short length. Shaving hair with a razor when it’s long is usually not as effective and can leave patchy spots.

Once the hair is all trimmed to length, apply shave cream and begin from the top, moving down. Shave in the shower since the water will smooth the shaving process, and post-shave clean-up will also be easier.

Be careful of your nipples. A sharp razor can take off more than hair. When you’re finished, towel the area dry and apply a moisturizer.


Although not traditionally an area for men to shave, more opt for no hair on the armpits. The hairs in this area grow in multiple directions, so following contour lines or growth patterns aren’t as important.

Start by trimming the hair with an electric trimmer/clippers again. Working with fairly-uniformed-lengthed body hair makes hair removal easier to achieve. Next, you’ll lather up the pits with shave cream.

When shaving, hold your arm up to create tension on the skin. This helps the razor to glide over and not cut sensitive skin. After shaving, clean, wash off, towel dry, and apply moisturizer.

Pubic Area and Manscaping

Of course, a hair grooming tutorial is only complete with a trip below the beltline. As with all the other advice, you’ll want to trim with electric clippers. Trim all the hair short and pull the skin taut to avoid clipper pinching or skin irritation.

This hair removal technique is also best handled while in the shower. Lather with shave cream and make short, gentle strokes away from the *man parts. Pulling the skin taut is important here, too, so there is an even surface for the razor to pass over.

Wash and dry accordingly, and don’t forget some moisturizer to guard the sensitive skin for this region.

For those who don’t want to shave clean, clippers with a short guard can be an effective manscaping tool for all areas mentioned above.

Is Laser Hair Removal a Good Idea For Men?

Consider laser hair removal if you’d like to avoid all of this trimming, cutting, and shaving. The main difference is the lasers will often make the hair removal permanent or at least effective for a very long time.

Since many men shave because they don’t want the hair at all, laser hair removal is an excellent solution. The process is relatively painless, and the results can last for months or years, with minimal upkeep or maintenance needed if a few stubborn hairs decide to show up again.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Not only does laser hair removal help men ditch the shaver and razor, but they can also avoid certain pains and problems which can occur from shaving.

  • Ingrown Hairs- Some men will develop ingrown hairs or shave bumps for frequently shaven spots. These unsightly and sometimes painful conditions can often appear on the face, chin, jawline, or back/base of the neck.
  • Uneven Hair Coverage- Laser hair removal can offer a clean and even appearance for men facing patchy hair growth or a hairline too far gone.
  • Chest and Back- Shaving the chest and back is no fun. This can be an issue of hygiene, but it can also be an issue of self-confidence. With laser hair removal, these areas can stay hair-free and give a person the positivity to venture into the world with a new look.
  • Pubic and Buttocks- Not having to shave below the beltline can also be a benefit of laser hair removal. Once the procedure is complete, shaving and manscaping those areas will be a thing of the past.

No More Unwanted Hair

No matter the emphasis for considering laser hair removal, you should consult with experienced professionals to understand all the possibilities for achieving your desired look.

At Bared Monkey, the premier laser spa in NY, our technicians can help you decide exactly what you need to make your appearance shine. Contact us or make a reservation today and see how modern technology can save you from a shave.

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