Can I Get Affordable Tattoo Removal in NY?[Infographic]

Can I Get Affordable Tattoo Removal in NY?

Since ancient times, humans have marked their bodies for various reasons. As early as 1300 B.C., scientists identified tattoos on the thighs of the dead found in burial grounds. It is believed that many of these markings were related to either protection over unborn children or establishing royalty. From passion to status, punishment, or to identify with a specific group of people, ink permanently leaves its stain. In more modern times, tattoos are often chosen to memorialize a loved one, celebrate milestones or victories, or proclaim love. Gangs use symbols to annotate members. If you or a loved one is looking for a skin clinic for tattoo removal in NY, look no further – Bared Monkey laser spa is the place to visit!

What Have I Done?

Sometimes, humans feel passionate about something but, later in life, don’t want to be reminded about it. Traumatic experiences result in triggering, and a tattoo is likely to play a part. Relationships end, and a permanent reminder of what was once pleasurable becomes painful. The best way to erase the memory is to remove the tattoo.

Late-night decisions, growing older, divorce, people who leave your life, or a change in lifestyle or interests can result in tattoo regrets. So, what is the answer when wanting to remove a tattoo? In the past, tattoos could only be covered or converted to something else by a talented artist.

Methods to Remove a Tattoo

With modern technology and medicine, removing an unwanted tattoo is easier than it used to be. There are three procedures for eliminating these ink etchings:

  1. Dermabrasion – Dermabrasion is the least effective and less common tattoo removal method. The skin is numbed, and a high-speed device with an attached abrasive tool sands the top layers of skin to reach the ink. It takes 2-3 weeks to heal as the skin is raw and red after the procedure. Not a guaranteed method; most people don’t choose dermabrasion.
  2. Surgically removed – This method involves using a local anesthetic to numb the area. During this one-time surgical process, a plastic surgeon excises the tattoo with a scalpel and sutures the area closed in an esthetically-pleasing way. Healing is encouraged with antibacterial medication. While a guaranteed procedure, surgery is only done on smaller tattoos.
  3. Laser surgery – Non-invasive laser surgery is performed with a Q-switched laser. After deadening the skin with a numbing injection, the device uses energy to heat and shatter the tattoo. Side effects are generally mild and include swelling, bleeding, and blistering. An antibacterial ointment is applied to promote healing.

How Much Can Laser Tattoo Removal with a Skin Clinic in NY Cost?

Tattoo removal costs vary according to size, color, and the tattoo age. Prices range from $200 per session to $1,000 for larger tattoos.

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How Many Sessions Will You Need?

Darker tattoo colors like black or blue respond better than other colors. Low-quality tattoos require less time as the application is farther from the skin’s surface. With Bared Monkey’s Picosecond Laser technology and state-of-the-art equipment, multiple removals can be done in 6-12 sessions. Some salons with archaic equipment and technology require 10-20 treatments.

Number of Sessions For a Larger Tattoo

Larger tattoos can take as many as 10-12 sessions in most spas. At Bared Monkey, our unique technology enables us to remove twice as much in less time. Most sessions only last 30 seconds to five minutes.

Number of Sessions For Smaller Tattoos

Smaller tattoos are easier to remove than larger ones (4 inches in diameter or more). Bared Monkey’s lasers feature Nano and Pico laser pulses that target both large and small particles at the same time. This means shorter treatments, fewer sessions, reduced ghosting, and more effective results.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

Laser removal is by far the least painful version of tattoo removal. However, no procedure is pain-free. The laser method feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. But regardless of the pain level, the Bared Monkey team is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible. We always use a numbing agent, and our short sessions mean less pain to deal with at each visit.

Tips Before Visiting a Laser Spa For Tattoo Removal

To ensure a successful and pleasing experience, we encourage our clients to do the following before your visit for tattoo removal:

  • Eat before your appointment – It is a good idea to have food in your stomach whenever you are having a procedure done.
  • Don’t use cosmetics – Your skin should be clear of cosmetics, lotions, or perfumes.
  • No sun, tanning beds, or sunless tanning lotion or cream – To protect your skin and to improve the quality of your treatments, avoid any of these.
  • Shave the tattoo site and don’t tweeze or wax it.
  • Discontinue using products containing Retinol, Benzoyl Peroxide, Hydroxy Acid, or Salicylic Acid at least seven days before your session.
  • Don’t take any ibuprofen or aspirin.
  • Consult an Expert – DIY removal is dangerous


Where to Find the Best and Most Affordable Laser Spa in NY?

Bared Monkey is the most affordable skin clinic tattoo removal in NY. Our expert team wants to make your experience positive and comfortable. With over 20 new FDA-approved laser tools, our state-of-the-art spa features top-of-the-line technology. Bared Monkey is the best business, with at least a 4.9 rating on all major platforms.

If you are looking for the best laser services in New York, Bared Monkey delivers! We offer various services, including skin rejuvenation, laser hair and tattoo removal, CoolSculpting, spider vein removal, solutions for skin pigmentation and redness issues, acne, tightness, and collagen treatments. Call us today at (212) 256-9777.

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