What Does Laser Skin Rejuvenation Do?

Laser skin rejuvenation, otherwise known as laser skin resurfacing, is a procedure that involves the use of lasers to correct minor skin blemishes. These flaws could be anything from acne scars to facial birthmarks, liver spots, or even sun-damaged skin. The lasers that are used in this procedure can gently encourage your skin to shed unattractive, damaged skin while revealing younger, more attractive skin in the process.

Depending on the type of laser that is used, heat will emanate from the laser and penetrate deeply into the skin, and the skin responds by increasing collagen production. Collagen is what keeps your skin looking young and supple. With the increased production of collagen, you can expect the reversal of aging skin.

What are the types of laser skin rejuvenation?

There is more than one type of laser that is used in laser skin rejuvenation, and the type of laser that your doctor uses will depend on the condition of your skin as well as your expected outcome of the procedure. The two main types of lasers that are used in this laser skin rejuvenation are ablative and non-ablative lasers. One is more powerful than the other and your doctor will recommend the most effective and appropriate laser to use according to your specific goals.

Ablative laser

Ablative laser surgery is intended for those with more extensive facial imperfections. This powerful laser introduces intense wavelengths of light to the skin, which deeply penetrates the various layers of the skin. The outer layer of the skin, or the epidermis, is removed in the process, which allows the layers to work more effectively. The result is that your skin will begin to produce more collagen and make other changes that will promote skin that is youthful and rejuvenated. No type of laser treatment will remove deep wrinkles or sagging skin, but ablative lasers can assist with the reversal of fine lines, fine wrinkles, and many other skin problems that can make a person appear older and less attractive.

Non-ablative laser

If your facial imperfections are less severe, then non-ablative lasers may be used during your procedures. Non-ablative lasers don’t cause the skin to become as raw and inflamed afterward, as the epidermis is left intact, and your recovery time is much faster. Even though this type of laser is less invasive, it is still quite effective at providing patients with the powerful results that they desire. The results of non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation can be a lot less noticeable, depending on your skin, so if you have more prominent skin problems that need addressing, you might want to ask your doctor if ablative lasers would be more appropriate. Unfortunately, not every skin type can handle the more intense treatment that ablative lasers provide, but your doctor will make that determination for you, to keep complications to a minimum.

How do avoid complications?

Although laser skin rejuvenation can work wonders in helping to promote beautiful, more youthful-looking skin, this procedure does have its fair share of risks. Your doctor will seek information from you regarding your medical history, which may include whether or not you’ve undergone plastic cosmetic procedures in the past, whether your skin burns easily in the sun, and more. The doctor will also perform a complete physical examination, to ensure that your skin can withstand such a procedure. Here is an overview of some of the possible complications of laser skin rejuvenation, as well as how to combat them:

  • Alteration in skin color – laser skin resurfacing can cause your skin to become permanently lighter or darker after undergoing this procedure. This is more likely to happen in people with brown or black skin, so be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for laser skin resurfacing.
  • Skin inflammation and irritation – skin that has undergone laser rejuvenation may become inflamed and irritated, which could last for weeks. Affected skin could experience redness, itching, and burning and it can also be painful. The application of cold presses and ice packs can soothe inflamed and irritated skin.
  • Scarring – depending on the type of laser that is used, there is a low risk of your face becoming scarred following treatment.
  • Acne flareup – the creams and bandages that are necessary to be applied to the face can lead to acne flareups in some individuals. If your skin is acne-prone, then you should refrain from applying Vaseline to your face after the procedure, which can worsen acne, and your doctor might recommend that you take antibiotics to prevent the spread of acne.
  • Infection – laser skin rejuvenation can cause your skin to become infected, either due to bacteria, a virus, or a fungus. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to prevent a bacterial infection from developing, and the doctor may recommend that you use retinol-containing products for a month following the procedure. It is also wise to avoid sun exposure until your skin has completely healed.

If you’re a smoker, quitting smoking approximately two weeks before your procedure can help keep possible complications to a minimum. You will need to remain smoke-free for two weeks after the procedure, as well, which can help accelerate healing so you can enjoy the amazing results of the procedure sooner.

Why get laser treatment to rejuvenate your skin?

There are many reasons why people opt to undergo laser treatment to rejuvenate their skin. First of all, if you desire to look younger, laser skin rejuvenation can reduce the visible signs of aging, such as spider veins, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and uneven skin tone and texture. Laser treatment can work wonders in reducing these common signs of aging, helping you to look and feel younger and more attractive.

Another reason to undergo laser treatments to rejuvenate your skin is that these treatments last for a while, so you don’t have to worry about the results disappearing the following week. With the right maintenance following the procedure, you can extend the results for even longer, enabling you to reap the benefits of laser treatment for even longer.

Furthermore, unlike some other more extensive procedures, you don’t have to worry about downtime affecting your life and responsibilities, as most patients can return to their regular activities that same day. You can expect to experience some minimal discomfort as your skin heals, but there is no need to take time off work unless you desire to.

What are the results of laser skin treatment?

Immediately following your procedure of ablative lasers, you can expect your skin to be raw, sore, swollen, and itchy. Your doctor will apply a thick cream to your face, which will promote healing, and your face might even be bandaged temporarily. It might be necessary for you to apply ice packs to the treated area and even take analgesics to deal with pain. However, once your skin has had time to heal, you will be rewarded with skin that has truly been rejuvenated. Your skin will appear younger, brighter, and more attractive, and you will likely be glowing.

Even though laser skin rejuvenation offers long-lasting results, as you continue to age, new lines and wrinkles will continue to appear on your skin. Keep your sun exposure to a minimum and use daily sunscreen and moisturizer on your face. It feels great to spend time in the sun, but the sun tends to accelerate aging and it can reverse the results of your procedure if you’re not careful.

Most people who undergo laser rejuvenation are quite pleased with the results, and since there’s virtually no downtime and healing is usually quite rapid, patients don’t have to contend with missing work or other important responsibilities to heal.

As you can see, there are many benefits to undergoing laser skin treatment. Whether you’re interested in eliminating scars or your skin or some other problem, laser skin rejuvenation can work wonders for transforming your skin. If you’re in New York City and you’re interested in transforming your skin, why not seek laser skin rejuvenation in NY? You will likely be so satisfied with the results that you will wish you had undergone skin laser treatments sooner. Bared Monkey offers skincare in New York City, and they have a great deal of experience and expertise in performing successful laser skin rejuvenation on patients. So, why not contact Bared Monkey today to schedule your consultation?

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