(UPDATED) Secret promotion
Nov 26, 2020

(UPDATED) Secret promotion

Like our member pricing, checkout our Post Black Friday sales. Limited quantity apply.

Sales will start on Monday noon, Limit to ONE option per person. Additional purchase can ONLY be use as store credit. All sales are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE.

Our promotion link will be revealed on Facebook and Instagram.

12:01 PM 3 x Upper lip $29 limited to 5 people

12:31 PM 3 x Brazilian Bikini $45 limited to 5 people

1:01 PM 3 x Lower Legs $120 limited to 5 people

1:31 PM 3 x Lower Back $69 limited to 5 people

1:46 PM 3 x Lower Face $110 limited to 5 people

2:01 PM 3 x Full Body(excluding face) $999 limited to 2 people

2:16 PM 3 x Full Brazilian Bikini $99 limited to 5 people

2:31 PM 3 x Full Body(including face) $1,200 limited to 2 people

3:01 PM 3 x Underarms $3 limited to 1 person

and more

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