Rejuvenation for skin improvement.

Restore your healthy, luminous skin and regain your confidence.

Skin Rejuvenation

Affordable luxury lasers to redefine aging, brighten, and even your skin.

Bared Monkey, a premier laser beauty center in NY, has been perfecting the art of laser skin rejuvenation for nearly a decade. Our FDA-approved treatments are designed for minimal downtime, targeting acne scars, fine lines, sun damage, and uneven skin tone with precision. By stimulating collagen and improving texture, we offer effective outcomes to restore luminous, youthful skin at an affordable price.

Revitalize Your Radiance

Laser rejuvenation for scar, collagen, sun damage, and tone improvement at the right price.

Increase collagen production to reduce fine lines and refine skin texture.

Combat signs of aging with Picosure® Pro, Picoway™, Lumenis ResurFX, LaseMD Ultra® Skin Resurfacing, and Secret RF™ Microneedling, designed to boost collagen, reduce fine lines, and refine skin texture.

Fade acne scars and sun damage for clearer, more radiant skin.

Target acne scars and sun damage with treatments like Picosure® Pro, Picoway™, and Secret RF™ Microneedling, tailored for brighter, even-toned skin across all types.

Correct hyperpigmentation and discoloration for even skin tone.

Eliminate hyperpigmentation and lesions with FDA-approved lasers like M22 IPL™, Picoway™, and Picosure® Pro, for a radiant, even-toned complexion.

UV-Induced Hyperpigmentation

Correct skin discoloration and sun damage with FDA-Approved lasers.

Extrinsic hyperpigmentation, marked by diffuse spots across the face, stems from excessive sun exposure, tanning beds, and harsh lighting—demanding targeted, effective treatment.



Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation (pih)

Fade pigmentation from acne and other skin irritations with targeted treatments.

Don’t let inflammatory pigmentation from acne or dermatitis shadow your beauty. Our experts treat and diminish trauma-induced discoloration, restoring your skin’s natural glow.



Hormonal-Induced pigmentation: Melasma

Balance your skin tone. Effectively treating hormone-related discoloration.

Combat stubborn hormonal pigmentations. Linked to pregnancy, birth control, thyroid issues, menopause, or HRT and intensify with sun exposure. Our treatments find and erase the distinct, symmetrical patches along the jawline, upper lip, cheeks, and forehead.



Clear Skin Breakthrough

Effectively heal acne, prevent scaring, and reduce pigmentation at great value.

Acne With Red Marks (pie)

Diminish red marks from acne with precision for lighter skin types.

Erase pink to red acne marks tailored for lighter skin types (I – III), targeting the root cause: inflamed blood vessel dilation. This precision treatment helps restore the skin’s uniform appearance, effectively minimizing discoloration for a clearer, more beautiful complexion.



Acne With Dark Marks (pih)

Even out dark acne marks in darker skin, correcting melanin overproduction.

Correct brown-black pigmentation in darker skin (types IV – VI), targeting post skin injury melanin overproduction for a flawless complexion, ensuring even skin tone and reducing the visibility of blemishes without compromising the skin’s natural beauty. This specialized treatment approach is designed to work harmoniously with the unique characteristics of darker skin.



Acne Scars

Smooth away acne scars by addressing collagen imbalances, from ice pick to keloid scars, for a refined complexion.

Treat acne scars, whether from collagen deficit (like ice pick, boxcar, rolling scars) or excess (such as keloid scars), for a smoother, more even surface.



Ageless transformation

Rejuvenate aging skin by restoring firmness, smoothing lines, and evening tone.

Recommended Treatments:

Skin Flushing/Brushing

Reverse the effects of thinning skin and UV exposure for a calmer complexion.

Combat increased skin transparency and redness caused by natural aging and UV damage, making capillaries less visible for a clearer, more youthful complexion.



Fine Lines/Wrinkles

Boost collagen and hydration to combat the effects of UV exposure and lifestyle factors for younger-looking skin.

Counter fine lines and wrinkles by enhancing collagen production and hydration, addressing the premature aging effects of UV exposure, lifestyle habits, and free radicals, for enduring elasticity and smoothness.



Recommended Treatments:


Restore moisture and combat dryness by boosting Proteoglycan production.

Reinvigorate your skin’s ability to retain moisture by stimulating Proteoglycan production, including vital Hyaluronic acid, while repairing the protective barrier to fend off the effects of time and sun exposure for lasting hydration and smoothness.



Refresh and Renew

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