Your skin's natural brilliance, made affordable.

Quality Photofacial Treatments for a Brilliant Complexion.

Revive overall skin appearance

Address blemishes, aging signs, and capillaries.

Skin imperfections such as discoloration, sun spots, and visible signs of aging often arise from prolonged sun exposure, genetic factors, and environmental stressors, necessitating a refined, potent approach. The M22 IPL Photofacial, leveraging dual technologies of Intense Pulsed Light and ResurFX laser, precisely targets these concerns by removing unwanted pigmentation and stimulating collagen production.



Customized Skin Clarity

How our IPL Photofacial treats your skin type.

Step 1: Light Pulses Enter Your Skin

Revitalize your complexion with precision IPL technology, where targeted light pulses gently enter your skin, generating warmth to specifically address and improve skin imperfections with the utmost control.

Step 2: Your Body's Natural Process Removes Treated Skin

Enhance your skin’s renewal with your body’s innate healing abilities, effortlessly clearing away treated tissue and unveiling a fresher, rejuvenated layer beneath.

Step 3: Collagen & Elastic Fiber Are Stimulated, Improving Skin Tone

Trigger a natural enhancement in skin firmness and texture, as collagen and elastic fibers are activated, leading to visible improvements in skin tone and appearance.

IPL Photofacial technology targets uneven skin tones, reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation with precision. Each session enhances natural skin luminosity, evening out your complexion for a flawless finish.

By delivering precise light waves, the M22 IPL Photofacial breaks down the melanin causing sunspots and accelerates skin renewal to combat visible aging. This process promotes a smoother, more even skin tone, visibly reducing age-related marks and enhancing skin’s natural vitality.

The M22 IPL Photofacial utilizes specific light frequencies to target and reduce acne-causing bacteria, promoting clearer, healthier skin. This treatment also helps in diminishing inflammation and redness, paving the way for a smoother, blemish-free complexion.

We precisely target and heat broken capillaries, vascular lesions, and spider veins, causing them to collapse and naturally fade from the surface. This gentle yet effective approach results in a more uniform skin tone, free from the distractions of visible veins and redness.

By simultaneously addressing multiple skin concerns, from texture irregularities to tone unevenness, our Photofacial improves overall skin appearance. It’s a comprehensive approach stimulating collagen production, yielding a firmer, more radiant complexion that glows with health.

Brighter Skin With Optimal Pulse Technology

Reveal Pure Luminosity and Smoothness with Laser Magic.

Instant Sensations and Relief Measures

Expectations Right After Your Photofacial Treatment.

Following your IPL Photofacial treatment, it’s common to experience sensations similar to a mild to moderate sunburn. This temporary effect is part of the skin’s natural response to the intense pulsed light. To minimize discomfort and redness, applying an over-the-counter Hydrocortisone 1% cream can offer immediate relief, acting almost like a magic touch. Additionally, the use of cold compresses or cool (not frozen) gel packs can effectively soothe and reduce the warmth felt in the treated areas, ensuring a more comfortable post-treatment recovery.



Quick Fixes to Lasting Results

Optimal Results with A Swift Recovery Timeline.

Improve your skin with just 2-3 treatments for shallow pigmentation and age/sun spots, with most seeing optimal results after 2-6 sessions spaced a few weeks apart. Improvements can appear for up to six months, and the quick recovery time makes it an ideal ‘lunchtime solution,’ allowing most to resume daily activities within a day.



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