LASER HAIR REMOVAL, NYC   Bared Monkey is a premier laser hair removal spa in NY known for affordable treatments! We know that our clients don’t expect to spend all day in a medical spa; hence, we have developed a customized solution that enab...


THE SCIENCE OF COOLSCULPTING®   CoolSculpting® targets stubborn fat cells using Cryolipolysis technology to freeze and kill them without affecting the surrounding tissue. The treated fat cells are frozen and then die. In the weeks to months that follow, the body naturally processes the fat and el

Skin Rejuvenation

SKIN REJUVENATION Bared Monkey has been pampering its clients with laser skin treatments in NY for almost a decade. As a premier laser beauty skin center in NY, our experts ensure that our treatments impose minimal downtime and discomfort. We only ca...

Tattoo Removal

UNDO THE UNWANTED, FOREVER Book An Appointment ABOUT US Tattoos are commonplace now, with almost 45 million Americans with tattoos. That would be 1 in 5 Americans that have tattoos. But many regret having a tattoo later in life. Never before have so many good choices for tattoo removal been availabl

Spider Vein removal

SPIDER VEIN REMOVAL, NYC   Bared Monkey Med Spa offers the latest technology Candela GentleMax Pro – Long Pulse Yag laser therapy for the safe, effective treatment of unsightly spider veins on the face and legs.    Patients often...

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