What Does “Non-Invasive” Really Mean?

Years ago, doctors could evaluate or diagnose malfunctioning organs or diseases by cutting through the skin and opening up the body. They could analyze the nature of the disease during that course of action. While many surgeons still occasionally use the same technique, many can avoid it as several non-invasive treatments are available!

No incision or cuts! No Downtime!

A medical procedure is termed a non-invasive procedure when no incision or cuts are made on the skin. A non-invasive procedure has no contact with the mucosa or any internal body cavity. For example, CoolSculpting® treatment is a non-invasive procedure or cosmetic treatment that removes excess fat in stubborn areas. It is also known as Cryolipolysis, which works by freezing fat cells present in a specific region. TheCoolSculpting® device breaks the fat cells down in the process. The complete process does not involve cuts or the use of anesthesia.

There are numerous non-invasive procedures in the world. From observational to specialized forms of medical surgeries, today, we have many non-invasive surgeries. Radiosurgery, Lithotripsy (non-invasive treatment for kidney stones), etc., are a few more examples. Lately, there have been several non-Invasive cosmetic procedures in NY. CoolSculpting® treatment is one of them.

CoolSculpting®, as a non-invasive procedure in NY, has gained popularity because it has no downtime, incisions, or harmful risks. If you wonder how long the results last, we must tell you that the results of Coolsculpting can last indefinitely. As mentioned above, CoolSculpting® kills off fat cells; hence, the fat cells should not return. However, if you gain a considerable amount of fat after CoolSculpting® treatment, you might regain weight in those areas.

Types of non-invasive treatments and benefits

  • Radiotherapyis a non-invasive treatment used for treating cancer patients. With Radiotherapy, doctors can direct the radiation on the cancerous portion of the body. The radiation destroys the tumor. Hence, there is no need to cut or make an incision on the body. The doctor doesn't have to remove the tumor surgically.
  • The chiropractic manipulation technique is yet another form of non-invasive treatment used for treating the back. These techniques are always the first ones used by doctors. Today, there is a wide variety of chiropractic manipulation techniques available in the market. Spinal or manual manipulation is available in chiropractic adjustments that focus on a non-invasive method. High-velocity low-amplitude manipulation is another famous spinal manipulation method used to treat severe backache. Similarly, there are other non-invasive, lower-velocity treatments available.
  • Physical therapy is another non-invasive technique that doctors use to heal an individual's back or alleviate back pain. In physical therapy, a therapist works on your flexibility as more flexible backs lead to lesser pain. Heat and cold packs often used for back pain are also examples of non-invasive treatments. In fact, ultrasound, which uses vibration during diagnoses around your muscles and bones, is an example of a non-invasive test.

What Are The Benefits Of Non-Invasive Treatment?

We believe that each patient has unique needs. However, we ensure that all our clients recognize the benefits of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Bared Monkey is recognized for its non-invasive cosmetic procedures in NY. Hence, we can highlight some critical advantages that a patient may experience with non-invasive treatment in NY.

Minimal to no discomfort

Non-invasive treatments won't prescribe loads of pain relievers or recovery instructions after your procedure. You don't have to worry about discomfort or pain with laser procedures. However, a few procedures may lead to tenderness or skin tightness that may disappear within a day or two.

No hospital stay

We offer non-invasive procedures performed at our medical spa and not in hospitals. You don't have to prepare yourself for a hospital stay; neither a family member has to stay back in the hospital, in the waiting area after the treatment ends.

No stitches or scars

Non-invasive procedures mean no incisions! Therefore, no cuts, stitches, or scarring. These features make the process more convenient and reliable.

Low risk of complications

After a surgical procedure, a patient is often prescribed medicines to prevent infection. Once they are discharged, they need to take extensive care of themselves and watch out for a list of reactions. With non-invasive procedures the risk of complications is very low.

Why choose Bared Monkey?

FDA-Approved Equipment

Bared Monkey has been serving its clients by offering top-notch customer services in New York. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures in NY can be a risky affair if you end up visiting an inexperienced medical spa. However, our professional team offers the highest quality of service with only FDA-approved equipment.

Professional Non-Invasive Treatment in NY

Every expert at Bared Monkey has a minimum experience of five years in treating a wide range of skin problems using laser technology. We believe in offering professional and pain-free procedures to our clients to deliver the best and safest results.

Economical & Reasonable Pricing

A non-invasive procedure in NY can be pricey; however, it shouldn't be unreasonably overpriced. At Bared Monkey, you can have the assurance that you aren't paying for a service that costs much more than it should. In fact, we are the most affordable laser spa in New York.

Personalized Treatment

We strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Bared Monkey emphasizes on customer orientation; hence, we assess your medical condition and skin type to offer personalized treatment. We aim to achieve the optimum result as we make sure that every visit of yours is a great experience.

Get In Touch

If you have any additional questions about consultation or treatment, feel free to meet us at our spa in New York. Currently, we operate in two different locations. You can visit us at our spa in Pennsylvania Station or Grand Central in NY. Feel free to contact the experts at our locations. We are soon launching another branch in Brooklyn! Hope to see you soon!


Can I Get Laser Hair Removal On Any Part of My Body?

We perform laser treatments on various areas of your body except for your eyelids. Bared Monkey offers many popular laser treatments such as hair removal from arms, legs, underarms, upper lip, bikini area, chest, and back. You can also get your hair removed from your forehead, scalp, and nose.

Do I Need To Worry About The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?

The after-effects are minimal. Some individuals may experience temporary swelling or redness after the treatment. However, such effects last for a few hours. Don't worry; we'll offer you a simple proper aftercare plan!

The state-of-the art Candela GentleMax is a patented hair removal system. It delivers a beam of powerful light onto the skin, and the light will be absorbed by the melanin of hair follicles and convert it to heat to damage the hair folicies to prevent future hair grow.

How Many Sessions Do I Need to Attend?

On average, an individual visits us anywhere between three to six treatments. However, these numbers may vary depending upon your target area or condition of hair follicles.

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