Can HydraFacial Remove Dark Spots?

Dark spots can be an unsightly problem. Fortunately, medical advancements have led to options for those who suffer from this issue. A laser beauty skin center in NY will be able to explain the options, one effective treatment is HydraFacial. Let’s discuss how it works to help decide whether this treatment could be a suitable option to eliminate dark spots.

Why Should You Consider HydraFacial?

Fortunately, one may undergo HydraFacial, no matter your skin type. Even if one has sensitive skin, the treatment won’t irritate it, and you’re not prone to any additional side effects.

As a general rule, HydraFacial causes few side effects. Most are minor and resolve on their own within a few hours, especially when the treatment is performed by a licensed professional. The most common side effects include redness and tightness. Since the treatment contains shellfish, people with this allergy need to let a team member know before the treatment. The only other people who need to be concerned are those with moderate to severe acne, suffer from rosacea, have an active rash, or recently developed sunburn because it could further irritate their condition.

How Does HydraFacial Work?

HydraFacial is a treatment similar to microdermabrasion, with a slight difference. This three-step process consists of cleansing and peeling. It begins with a practitioner at the laser beauty skin center in NY using a patented device with a small Vortex exfoliation tip that gently sands the skin, exposing the layer underneath. The device resurfaces, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin to remove dead skin cells. Next, your skin goes under a gentle chemical peel. The final step consists of fusing and protecting the skin using serums.

Common Signs of Aging

Several factors play a role in skin changes during the aging process.

Sun-Related Changes

As people age, the skin begins to change, especially if one has had sun exposure. The sun’s ultraviolet light damages the elastin fibers in the skin. These protein fibers are what provide skin elasticity. As elastin loses its strength, the skin begins to sag and stretch, often leading to fine lines and wrinkles. If one has too much sun exposure, they will often notice the fine lines and wrinkles appearing earlier than during the normal aging process.

Dark spots are another sign of aging that come from the sun. These spots are caused by an overproduction of melanin or when one develops a collection of melanin. Free radical damage caused by the sun’s rays may also contribute to sunspots. One may develop these spots whether receiving an abundance of natural sun exposure or artificial UV rays from tanning beds throughout the years.

Hormone-Related Changes

Acne can develop as a result of the aging process. Hormonal changes are often a culprit in the onset of acne as one ages. The decrease in estrogen during menopause is notorious for causing acne as a woman ages. Because birth control alters hormone levels, a woman may develop acne if she starts or stops birth control during her adulthood. An increase in testosterone in women can also contribute.

Men who receive testosterone replacement therapy are at risk of acne as they age. This hormone stimulates sebum production, leaving the skin oily and more prone to acne. Acne could also occur in women who utilize testosterone therapy to help with certain health conditions, including sexual disorders.


With age, skin tones and textures become uneven. The unevenness comes from an overproduction of melanin in those particular skin cells. You may notice that the skin is rougher in certain areas than others. The skin naturally loses hydration over time, causing rough patches. Dead skin cells can also accumulate in those areas.

Dulling of Skin

The glow of your skin may change over time, becoming duller and lackluster. Skin produces less oil during aging, giving skin a less radiant or dull appearance. If not consuming enough water or being a heavy smoker or drinker, one can also affect the skin’s radiance.

How Long Does It Take For One To See Results?

Due to the process of a HydraFacial, results can appear immediately after one receives the treatment from a trained professional at our laser beauty skin center in NY. This is because the process causes changes in the skin upon administration. Despite the instant results, many people benefit from multiple sessions to achieve the highest results. Since the results are only temporary, one may need to undergo additional treatments in the future as the aging process, and the sun continues to impact their skin’s condition.

What To Expect During The Treatment

Fortunately, since this isn’t an invasive procedure and requires no anesthesia, one doesn’t have anything to do to prepare for a facial. However, the practitioner will recommend not to wear makeup on the day of treatment because it can interfere with the serums penetrating the skin. Expect the entire process to last about 30 minutes.


When arriving for laser beauty skin center in NY, undergo a consultation to determine whether this treatment is safe and ideal for your skin concerns. The practitioner will discuss and evaluate your skin concerns. Inform the practitioner if you are pregnant because of the salicylic acid. Depending on your health and unborn baby, you may or may not be able to have the treatment safely. In some cases, the practitioner may alter the regimen.

Additionally, it’s vital to tell the practitioners about any shellfish allergies and their severity to avoid a possible allergic reaction resulting in everything from hives to swelling of the face, tongue, throat, and lips.

The practitioner will also discuss any skin issues since certain ones, such as rosacea, may increase the likelihood of side effects.

Treatment Process

Once the practitioner determines the right course of action for one, they will start the exfoliation process using the Vortex exfoliation tip. Although it’s gently sanding your skin, it is not painful or irritating, though it may feel a bit odd if you have sensitive skin.

The next process consists of suctioning the skin using the same Vortex exfoliation tip. Once again, this won’t cause any pain but may feel a bit awkward.

The final step of the process is applying the serums.


You’ll notice the results as soon as the treatment is complete. Additional treatments may be recommended for people with more serious skin conditions to achieve the desired results.

Upon completing the treatment, one can return home instantly and resume a normal life. You may even return to work. There are no restrictions, and makeup may be applied the following day.

One may notice your skin to be slightly red and feels tight. This is a normal response to the treatment and will reside within hours after treatment.

Generally, the results of one treatment will last at least four to six weeks. You may want to return to the office for additional treatment after that.

Overall, HydraFacial is an effective way to treat certain skin conditions and helps with the signs of aging, including dark spots. The treatment is relatively quick and requires no downtime or special precautions before or after.

To discover the benefits of HydraFacial, contact Bared Monkey, serving Penn Station, Grand Station, and soon to come, Brooklyn, today at 212-256-9777.

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