5 Reasons to Choose Laser Hair Removal Treatment Over Waxing

The average woman will spend approximately $27,000 on waxing away unwanted hair. That’s enough money to take two or three trips to DisneyWorld or enjoy a two-week trip to Europe – without having to do any strict budgeting. The point is that money could be applied towards many more enjoyable uses than simply removing hair from the legs, arms, and elsewhere around the body. If you haven’t spent any of that $27,000 so far, you’re probably unfamiliar with the process of waxing.

Waxing involves using strip wax to separate body hair from its roots, thus preventing re-growth for between two and eight weeks. Hair will probably grow back in that area, although it’s usually finer and softer. Before waxing begins, a protective oil is applied to the skin, so it isn’t harmed in the process, and afterward, a calming wax is applied to remove the original wax and soothe the skin. The process is generally used on hair grown to a height of at least one-quarter inch.


The bottom line is that hair is forcibly ripped away from the skin, which will always be painful. Of course, some strategies can be used to lessen the pain, like using all-natural wax and ensuring to stay hydrated.

But there will always be a certain amount of pain associated with the waxing process, and there’s no getting around that. Then, the hair will grow back in a month or so, and the waxier will be obliged to endure all that pain again. Finally, the money spent on waxing will vary between $35 and $120 per session, so regularly waxing away unwanted hair could cost more than $1,000 per year, depending on where a person goes to have it done.

What is laser hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment is one of the most frequently performed procedures in this country, and it involves beaming laser light at the target area to kill off unwanted hair. By beaming a highly concentrated beam of light at an area on the arms or legs, it causes the hair follicles to absorb that light, which is what causes them to be destroyed. This process can be precise since the laser can be beamed directly at the target area, leaving all nearby skin unaffected.

Advantages of laser hair removal

There are quite a few advantages to choosing this approach to hair removal. First of all, there isn’t the same kind of pain that is typically associated with waxing. If anything, the skin might feel as though it has a mild case of sunburn for a day or two after treatment, after which the feeling will subside. Laser hair removal can be done on either large patches of skin (like the legs) or very small, localized areas, such as the bikini line.

With laser hair removal, the possibility of ingrown hair can be eliminated, which can occur when shaving or waxing. Because the hair is not killed at the root, it gets cut off at the skin line and may no longer be in alignment with the skin pore, so it becomes trapped below the skin. This can be painful and unsightly, and you can even get infected. This cannot happen with laser hair removal because it doesn’t cut the hair off at the skin line.

It’s also a fairly quick procedure because each laser pulse requires only a fraction of a second to do its work. This way, the entire back or legs could be treated in less than an hour. One of the best advantages of laser hair removal is that after three to seven sessions, hair will be permanently gone and will not require further treatment. That makes laser hair removal one of the most cost-effective solutions for hair removal that could be chosen.

Where to get laser hair removal service in NY

Anyone looking for a laser hair removal service in NY should look no further than the Bared Monkey clinic. We are the only clinic in New York City with 20 FDA-approved laser machines made by reputable medical device manufacturers. We have an entire staff of experienced technicians who are well-trained and fully capable of providing the best service in the state for hair removal.

When working with our clinic, a patient can rest assured that the hair removal procedure will be performed expertly and that the result will be exactly what was hoped for. When you’ve decided that laser hair removal service in NY is the right choice for you, see us at Bared Monkey for an initial consultation.

Considerations before laser hair removal treatment

After scheduling the first laser hair removal treatment, it is advisable to stay out of the sun as much as possible for several weeks leading up to the scheduled treatment. Tanning beds should also be avoided, as well as any artificial tanning procedures. If the skin is artificially tanned in some way, it can make laser hair removal less effective, and there might also be some unwanted side effects from the process.

Two or three days before the appointment, the target area should be shaved so the hair is not excessively long before treatment. Hair should not be any longer than a grain of rice when going into the laser procedure. It goes without saying that once you’ve begun the process, any waxing, plucking, or tweezing of hair in the target areas must be avoided.

All makeup should be removed from the target areas, and no bleach should be used on the area to be treated by the laser. When treatment begins, the provider will clean the affected area and offer some protective glasses to wear. This will shield the eyes from the concentrated beam of light issued by the laser, and the technician will also be wearing these protective glasses.

When treatment begins, you’ll probably feel a slight stinging sensation from the pulses of laser light. Some patients have described this as similar to a rubber band being snapped against their skin. You’ll probably smell burning hair during the process since that’s what is occurring.

Why choose laser hair removal treatment over waxing?

Most people who have undergone both procedures much prefer laser hair removal treatment over waxing, and there are good reasons for this. First, laser hair removal treatment is far less painful than waxing, which can be a major issue for anyone with sensitive skin.

Secondly, the results are much longer-lasting with laser treatment. If the full number of sessions are taken to kill off unwanted hair completely, you’ll have a permanent solution instead of the four-week solution that waxing provides.

Regardless of where you go for your laser treatment, it will cost less to achieve that permanent solution than to have waxing done once every six weeks for the rest of your life. It’s worth noting that there is also no possibility of developing ingrown hair when undergoing laser treatment because it doesn’t cut the hair off at the skin line, as waxing and shaving do.

That means hair will not become trapped under the skin line to cause pain, unsightliness, and potentially even infection. From any perspective you choose to look at it, laser hair removal treatment is simply a superior option that provides better results.


There are several ways that the removal of unwanted hair on your body can be approached. While laser treatment might seem somewhat exotic, it is far and away the best way to remove hair, and it’s the only way that offers a permanent solution to the issue. It leaves a person with the smooth, vibrant-looking skin they’ve always wanted. You won’t have to constantly worry about scheduling the next treatment session because no further treatments are necessary.

Stop paying for waxing treatments that will go on forever and will continue to be a drain on financial resources. Contact us at Bared Monkey in New York City, and we can arrange for an initial consultation to learn about your expectations for the hair removal process. We will schedule the first session with one of our expert technicians, and you’ll be on your way to having the beautiful, smooth skin you’ve been hoping for.

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