Nov 30, 2022
How To Get the Most Out Of Your CoolSculpting® Session

It’s been three years, and you still can’t get rid of that extra weight around the midsection. Eating healthy foods and exercising keep the weight off. But sometimes, certain areas become

Nov 27, 2022
Cyber Monday Deals

More Deals for all our clients Thank you for everyone’s trust and support in this Black Friday event. Due to an immense number of participants surging our website, the online traffic has cause the c

Nov 4, 2022
How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Are Needed?

Removing unwanted hair has traditionally meant cutting, shaving, or tweezing. The process was imperfect, with few other options. Creams and waxes have also been used with varying results, with a trade

Nov 4, 2022
Which Skin Laser Treatment Is Best for Acne Scars?

Having acne is often a difficult period in many adolescents’ lives, as its appearance may cause embarrassment or shyness. In addition to going through an awkward time, it’s doubly impactful to fee

Oct 13, 2022
How to Sculpt Your Flanks (Love Handles)

When patients come in for consultations, one of the areas they’re most often concerned with is the love handles around their abdomen. Also referred to as flanks, these areas below the ribs and above

Sep 26, 2022
Why Is “Me Time” Important? Things You Need to Know…

Life is hectic nowadays. It can seem like a challenge to complete the tasks necessary in life, such as work and family obligations, in such a short time. It leaves little time for a person to focus on

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