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Why choose Us.

We are able to provide the most effective services to our clients with our clients' level of discomfort in our mind. This can only be achieved with years of experiences, good training for all the technicians, and most importantly being patient.

Our Mission.

We believe Laser Hair Removal should be PAINLESS to Your Skin and Your Wallet.

What we Do.

Our technicians are professionally trained and well-experienced in various skin types including darker and very light skin types. We will evaluate your skin and hair color and your medical history when you come in and give you expert advice on what type of treatment procedure will work best for you. We offer all this, with excellent, friendly service while still being able to be one of the most affordable laser spa in New York City.

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Most patients enjoy over 90 percent reduction in hair growth after consecutive 6 to 8 sessions of laser treatments.

Although the laser hair removal results are permanent, some patients may need occasional touch-up sessions to treat individual hairs. Don’t worry about it, Bared Monkey offer additional touch-ups on all laser hair removal packages of six treatments or above at a discounted rate. (Only for purchases made in store or on our website. Excluding yearly package.)

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Laser Hair Removal is not for everyone, some clients will not see any hair reduction, some may only see partial, that's why we have a great guarantee for our members.

If you did not see any hair reduction after you 3rd session of laser hair removal treatment packages on schedule (every 6 weeks), you may be entitled to a refund for the remaining sessions. (Bared Monkey is the only business that can promise this guarantee! All purchases must be made in store, or from our website. Excluding yearly package. Consultation with prior photos are required for this guarantee! Guarantee is only for the first 6 months after the last consecutive treatment, excluding clients with prior histories with PCOS, currently taking birth control pills, or other conditions may affect laser treatment.)