Skin Tightening Pre and Post Care

Pre-Treatment Care

  • Sun exposure, tanning beds, and self-tanning products must be avoided for 2 weeks before and after the treatment. Treatment within 2 weeks of active tanning (natural sunlight, artificial tanning booths, or sunless tanning products) may result in hypopigmentation (white spots) or hyperpigmentation (dark spots) that may not clear for several months or may even be permanent.
  • Area to be treated must be clean, and free of any lotion, makeup, and sunscreen. If you have any of these products on, they must be completely washed off prior to treatment.
  • Discontinue usage of any products containing Retin-A, Retinol, Retinova or any other photo-sensitizing medication at least 1 week before your treatment. These products should be avoided during the course of your treatments.
  • No area to be treated should receive any type of Chemical Peel for 1-2 weeks prior and after treatment.

Post-Treatment Care

  • Avoid exercises that cause excessive sweating 24 hours after your treatment
  • Avoid Jacuzzi, sauna, or steam baths if any skin irritation exists.
  • Sun exposure and the use of tanning beds must be avoided for at least 2 weeks after your treatment. We recommend physical avoidance of the sun in all treated areas, a protective hat and full spectrum sunscreen SPF 40 or higher