The Only SPA offers 100% Hair Free Packages

Many people are not happy with Laser Hair Removal because the results are not as good as they expected. Laser is not 100% hair free treatment, the optimum results for laser is 95% hair reduction, it will be less effective for Skin Type I or VI. The best alternative is Elecrolysis, however even more people are scared by the big price tag on Elecrolysis.

At Bared Monkey Laser Spa, we want our clients to show off their skin without a doubt. We offer 100% Hair Free Packages. You will be treated with our Pain Free Laser Hair Removal for 6-10 sessions, and follow by elecrolysis to get the best results.

Electrolysis, an FDA approved method of permanent hair removal method, destroys the hair follicle grows. During the treatment, a device is inserted along the shaft of the hair, deep into the follicle to the hair-geminating cells. Next, a current is applied, causing the cell to disintigrate.

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100% Hair Free Package Pricing & Area Illustration

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100% Hair Free Packages(one year unlimited Laser Hair Removal & followed by one year electrolysis)

  Small Area Medium Area Large Area X-Large Area
Skin Type I (White, Light Blond, Light Red, Light Grey Hairs) $450 $599 $750 $999
Skin Type I $250 $350 $425 $499
Skin Type II $250 $350 $425 $499
Skin Type III $250 $350 $425 $499
Skin Type IV $250 $350 $425 $499
Skin Type V $250 $350 $425 $499
Skin Type VI $350 $499 $599 $750

Electrolysis Services

   All other electrolysis services are billed at $30 /15 minutes. With a minimum $15.