Our Advantage


There are many reasons to get laser hair removal. From struggling to remove unwanted hair, to realizing the time and long-term cost savings our treatments provide, the final decision is often a personal one but a life changing one. Here are some of the most common benefits.

  • Increased confidence – research states that the number one reason people shave is for a feeling of additional confidence in the way they look and feel as a result. Make that a feeling a permanent one with 95% hair reduction. 

  • Time savings – people spend on average 15 minutes per day shaving. That equates to 91 hours per year and nearly a year of your entire life. Spend more time doing more of what you love thanks to laser hair removal. 

  • Budget efficiency – the cost of every day shaving adds up, not to mention the added costs of waxing and bleaching. Did you know that the average cost of laser hair removal is less over time than all the intangibles related to other means of hair removal? 

  • No more bumps or irritation – the harshness of shaving is many times evident in its results. Get silky, smooth skin permanently with laser hair removal.