miradry - Best solution Laser Hair Removal

New Tech, but risky?

Microwave your armpit sweat and hair away with the new tech?

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ingrown hair - Best solution Laser Hair Removal

Don't Shave TOO Hard

Ingrown hair is very common, but it can course some serious pain if it was not treated as soon as possible.

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No FDA clearance equipment

WATCH OUT for Non-FDA Approved Laser Equipments

Last week I visited couple businesses after dozens phone calls with the potential vendors for YupUs membership. OMG, I was surprised to see how unregulated the laser beauty business are. I saw some business are using laser equipments that are not FDA approved. I did a little research, these equipments are foreign made without any QC in US.

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Painless to your skin and wallet

Not All Laser Equipments are the same

"Laser", such a pricy name. However it is now cheaper than waxing or shaving with permanent results. Not all the laser equipments are the same. Some Laser equipments are build with client's comfort in mind, others are build for faster results. But all of them should have FDA clearance first.

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